Thursday, July 29, 2010

At the Altar

"O send out Thy light and Thy truth: let them lead me; let them bring me unto Thy holy hill, and to Thy tabernacles. Then will I go unto the altar of God, unto God my exceeding joy.... Why art thou cast down, O my soul? And why art thou disquieted within me? Hope in God, for I shall yet praise Him, who is the health of my countenance and my God" (Psalm 43:3-5).

I know where to go when my soul is cast down.
I know where the light and the truth of God lead.
At last at the altar of God I have found
The Source of my joy and the hope that I need.

Here at the altar of God is my joy
That melts away sadness as if it were dross.
Here no invader can change or destroy
The work of my Savior for me on His cross.

Here is my hope, my joy, and my health
I've found in my Savior, who evermore lives.
Here at the altar He shows me the wealth
At Calvary purchased, which He freely gives.

Here at Your altar, O Lord of salvation,
I'm finding Your joy and compassion so tender.
Here at the altar of sweet consecration,
I'm led by Your Spirit to fuller surrender.

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