Monday, December 12, 2016

Right Thoughts in Rebel Times

"Jeroboam… hath rebelled… but as for us… God Himself is with us for our Captain… Thus… the children of Judah prevailed, because they relied upon the LORD" (2 Chronicles 13:6-18).  "I wait for the LORD… and in His Word do I hope" (Psalm 130:5).  "The thoughts of the righteous are right… The way of a fool is right in his own eyes " (Proverbs 12:5,15).  "There were false prophets… even as there shall be false teachers among you… The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly" (2 Peter 2:1,9).

Like Judah in the days of old
Who trusted God to fight their fight, 
We have a reason to be bold: 
We know God's Word is always right. 

We're right when we agree with God  
And we delight in His dominion
As rebels in our day applaud
Their champions of false opinion. 

It shouldn't come as a surprise
That liars in our day abound,
For Satan still promotes his lies
Among false teachers that are found. 

Lord, by Your Word You still endow
Right thoughts in rebel times today! 
We are convinced that You know how
To safely lead us in Your way.  

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