Friday, May 07, 2010

To Love is to Loathe

"O how I love Thy law.... therefore I hate every false way" (Psalm 119:97,104).

A love for God's Word will have the effect
Of loathing the falsehood that leads us astray.
The lust that deceives us we'll learn to reject;
Discernment will teach us to hate the false way.

The more that we love the law of our God,
We'll grow with disdain for the things that deceive.
The falsehood this world will loudly applaud,
We'll counter with reasons for why we believe.

Some may consider these views too extreme,
But hell is eternal; its torment is real!
Eternal mistakes are much worse than they seem;
We ought to not worry how truth makes them feel.

Thank You, O Lord, for Your Word that we love
That counsels our hearts by Your marvelous grace
To set our affection on those things above;
And flee from deception into Your embrace!

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